Flexible eutectic gels

Our flexible cold packs answer technical quality characteristics. They will assure a control of the temperature in your isothermal boxes for all your short transits.

  • Eutexia point : 0°C or -23°C
  • Non toxic product
  • Container made of PEHD (Polythene High Density)
  • Gels meeting European food standards.
  • Directions for use : Freeze it during 24 hours at -20°C.
  • Volume : 100 ml to 1 L.

Rigid eutectic gel

In the same range of eutectic gels or cold pack, we can propose our rigide ones :

  • Eutexia point : 0°C (other points : contact us)
  • Non toxic product (Polythen complex 72 µ)
  • Packaging : complexe Polythene 72 µ.
  • Freezing time : during 24 hours at -20°C

Thermal blanket

  • We provide them as a roll or as a pallet cover, our thermal blanket is an insulation system that protect from thermal shocks, bad smells, humidity and physics schocks.
  • This thermal blanket can be customized and available in different sizes. Please do not hesitate to contact us to have further more information.

1- Bubbles + 2 foil laminated
2- Bubbles between 2 welded polyethylene films
3- Foil laminated + PE
4- Flat view of the bubble distribution (bubble diameter 10 mm)